Our Worship

We use the 2019 Book of Common Prayer. Our form of worship is a traditional liturgy style, utilizing written prayers and responses, multiple scripture readings, a sermon, and Holy Eucharist every week. As Anglicans, this is a vital part of our shared life together, and with the church throughout time and space, who have used liturgies of the same basic design since the 2nd century at least. We believe with the majority of Christians that worshipping in this way is spiritually powerful and enriching. 

There are multiple places where we will not only sing hymns, but psalms or other scriptures, and parts of the liturgy as well. Our music seeks to be rooted in our shared Christian tradition, while putting the words to renewed musical expressions. 

You will see people do many things that may seem strange at first: bowing, crossing themselves, kneeling, wearing vestments. Anglicans generally embrace seeing the whole world as participating in God, as sacramental in some way. As such, such symbolic acts are seen as worthy, not as some kind of magic, but as prayers, signs of obedience, and devotion to God. Many of the acts done by the officiant in the liturgy especially bear deep symbolic significance, and are anything but arbitrary. Participate in these things to your comfort level, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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